It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s transition to higher education, the workplace, and independent life. We offer early transition planning, support and consultation to parents and guardians in addition to systematic, integrated transition instruction and preparation for students.

Building upon the foundation of nearly 40 years experience teaching transition and life skills to students with special needs and unique differences, Y.A.L.E. School Philadelphia brings expert transition planning and instruction to students early, before the age of 16 as mandated by IDEA. We know that beginning the process of transition planning early improves outcomes for students once they reach adulthood and independent living.

We help our students to become competent, self-directed citizens in their community, whether they are going on to higher education or preparing for the working world.

Our staff helps each student set realistic goals for life after graduation. We guide students and families as they identify and connect with local programs and resources that best match a student’s needs and interests.

We also offer vocational and pre-vocational assessment and instruction, job coaching, self-advocacy skills, recreation skills, community living skills, and transportation training.